Young Mom Makes Acrobatic Yoga A Family Affair

Since giving birth, they’ve been striking poses with the baby. Lizzy Tomber practiced acroyoga up until four days before her son’s birth in February, even balancing upside down on her husband’s hands.

Lizzy Tomber and her husband, Josh Young, took their practice to the next level by continuing to do the movements while Tomber was nine months pregnant with their first child. Tomber captioned one photo of Younger lifting her in the air as she did a handstand:” Feeling so lucky to still feel healthy and strong at #36weeks, and most importantly to have a partner like @acropediaorg who I trust endlessly, and is supporting me doing what feels safe and comfortable in our practice!”  Tomber explained that her followers don’t need to worry about her practice being unsafe, her doctor gave them the all-clear to do acroyoga during pregnancy.

She said:” My doctor was really awesome. Today I showed my doctor pictures of what we do and she loved it! She talked about the importance of staying healthy and active, and wanted a picture to show her patients who are worried about working out. But that doesn’t mean all pregnant women should be lining up to try it. That being said, I have been practicing Acro for 7 years and only doing skills I have practiced 100+ times without falling. I am also avoiding anything on my belly. So that is the right answer for me.”

Tomber gave birth to their son David seven weeks ago, and now the couple are incorporating him into their poses. She captioned another shot:” Never too young to start playing! @acrodavid went to his first Acro jam today and wanted to fly bird all on his own to show off his neck strength! #6weeksold #acrobaby.”

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