Little Girl Begins Joy As Soon As She Sees Her Newborn Sister

This is the heartwarming moment a three-year-old girl beams with pride as she meets her baby sister for the very first time in hospital, has been captured on camera and shared thousands of time around the world.

The reactions that some children have to a new baby being brought home can be varied and hilarious. Some are very confused that this small, wriggling thing is their new brother or sister. Some are nonchalant and really don’t care that there is a loud visitor in the house. The final group is the rarest and includes the siblings that are actually excited that they have a new member of the family. And Molly, from Wynnewood, Pennsylvania is part of that third group.  While the entire family was happy to see the newest baby from the Conley family, Molly seemed to show it the most. The footage, which has since received more than 27,000 on social media, older sister Molly cradles her newborn sister Cora tightly in her arms and can’t take her eyes off the new bundle of joy.

Can be seen, the toddler gently pats the baby’s head and offers her multiple kisses, mother Heather Conley is heard telling her child: ‘Be gentle.’ Knowing she must be gentle with the little baby, Molly tells her new sister: “You just came out of mommy’s belly. I won’t drop you … I won’t let you go anymore.” In the touching clip, Molly gently pats her baby sister’s head and gives her a loving hug. Molly kisses Cora’s head and strokes the side of her swaddling cloth, continually reassuring her little sister of her love and protection. Molly seems to be starting on the right foot!

The caring toddler then offers Cora a gentle kiss and places her face against the newborn’s cheek before returning her gaze back to the newborn. Mother Heather, who is carefully watching on from the bed, is overcome with emotion at the sight of the two sisters bonding and is heard saying: ‘I just got that on video.’ As the video continues, Molly remains focused on her new sister and the toddler tells her mother: ‘She’s so cute!’ before asking: ‘Are we going to take her hat off?’ Mom Heather later took to Twitter to share the heartwarming video with others in a post that read: ” Molly meeting her little sister for the first time. ‘You just came out of Mommy’s belly .. I won’t drop you … I won’t let you go anymore’.” “Molly and Cora’s video is up to 12.4K views on Facebook everyone loves it is it’s just so innocent. Shocked I caught this on camera.” Following the post, social media users rushed to the platform to share their thoughts on the candid moment caught on camera.

One user wrote: “This is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.” While another commented: “What a little sweetheart; so adorable!” Another user added: “This is precious.”

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