Adorable Baby Laughs Out Loud When Mom Pretends To Sneeze

What’s more beautiful and exciting than a child’s laughter? It is because of the ringing tone and the expression of pure joy that when we see a child laughing with gusto, that we can’t stop ourselves from smiling. You will surely have happened that you have smiled spontaneously, not so much for a joke, but for someone’s overwhelming laughter. And if that someone is a child, the involvement seems to be strengthened even more.

In a video that is bringing smiles to millions of people, the mom shared the trick that is sure to make baby Benson howl every time. In a clip she posted online, we see Benson,  from Gulfport, Mississippi, is the son of Kayla and Lindsay Coppock sitting in his high chair. The little one is already giggling when his mom goes to spoon him some food, but then she pretends to sneeze — and he loses it! It’s like she just told him the funniest joke he’s ever heard, and his hearty belly laughs are so contagious that Lindsay can’t help but join in. Of course, Lindsay couldn’t prove this delightful trick is a guarantee with just one sneeze, so she throws in a few more. Each one elicits another hysterical round of giggles from the cute little boy. He obviously can’t get enough of his mom’s humor, and she’s more than happy to entertain him!

So to play up to Benson’s sense of humour, she takes a break from spooning him his dinner and does a fake sneeze which sends Benson into peals of uncontrollable laughter. He giggles and cackles until he gasps for breath, at which point his mother does another fake sneeze.  Once again he is sent into fits of riotous laughter while he looks at his mother incredulously. She in turn starts to laugh and eventually is so hysterical her eyes begin to water. A video shot by Lindsay herself, and then shared on her Facebook profile, went around the web, conquering thousands of users who had a heartfelt laugh at seeing it.

After the video went viral, overwhelmingly positive responses started pouring in. Lindsay wrote on Facebook:” It absolutely warms my heart how many people have said this video made their day brighter. Thank you all for loving our baby’s laugh as much as we do.”

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