20 Amazing Short Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Choosing a name for a daughter is not an easy thing for parents, because the name is not only to call but it also follows the child for the rest of his life. A beautiful and meaningful name not only carries the feelings and expectations of parents but also sometimes brings luck in life for the child. Here we suggest you 20 short and cute baby girl names that work uniquely with their simplicity, rhythm and tone.

  1. Chloe: We bet most of you didn’t know that this simple and sweet name was Greek in origin. Meaning ‘green shoot’, Chloe refers to the blooming plants.
  2. Dove: Dove, the symbol of peace, would make a lovely namesake for your little girl. It has a calm and serene sound, primarily because of its similarity to the word ‘love’. Dovey would make a cute nickname.
  3. Bijou: Bijou, the French word for ‘jewel’, is as pretty as a precious stone. It’s eccentric and luscious and sounds magnificently vintage when you pronounce it with a French accent.
  4. Elsa: Most of you must be familiar with this name via Elsa from Frozen. But did you know that’s originally a short form of Elizabeth? This name means ‘oath of God’. Elsa is elegant and beautiful, perfect for your little princess.
  5. Cia: It’s a unique but pretty short girl name. This moniker is a favorite with parents who like names with deeper meaning. Cia means ‘of the moon’.
  6. Lily: Probably one of the sweetest sounding baby names ever. And no matter how many botanical names come and go, this name will never go out of fashion.
  7. Aine: Aine is a sweet and simple Irish name, derived from the noun aine, which means ‘radiance and splendor’. In Irish mythology, Aine was one of the wives of Fionn Mac Cool and the queen of Munster fairies.
  8. Emma: Emma is the moniker of several great literary characters, including the famous Emma from Jane Austen’s novel. This name has been on the top 10 list for decades. It isn’t uncommon, but is definitely classic and charming.
  9. Grace: This moniker stands for generosity and goodness. In Latin, this name is related to the grace of God. Grace has sᴇᴇɴ ʀᴇsᴜʀɢᴇɴᴄᴇ on the baby name charts, partly due to celebs picking it for their daughters.
  10. Lark: Lark is a sweet songbird, found in the meadow. Hence the name suggests a cheerful approach to life. The name is originally derived from Middle English word ‘larke’.
  11. Helen: We think mountains are excellent inspiration for baby names. Strong and mighty Helen is inspired by Mt. Helens. It means ‘bright’, ‘shining light’.
  12. Kai: This gentle, soft and well-traveled name has meanings rooted in Welsh, Japanese, and Hawaiian.In Japanese, it means ‘from the sea’ and in Hawaii, it stands for ‘ocean’. But its origin is in Wales, where it means ‘keeper of the keys’.
  13. Mae: If you want a month-inspired baby name for your daughter, you can pick Mae. It’s short, sweet and not too much into-the-face.
  14. Leigh: Leigh is basically the feminine spelling of the name Lee. It borrows its glamor quotient from Vivian Leigh, Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Winds. Leigh means ‘meadow’.
  15. Millie: This adorable name is the diminutive of upstanding name Millicent. It means ‘gentle strength’.
  16. Rose: Rose has been one of the most popular floral monikers since centuries. It does sound a bit old-timey, but it is still sweet and gives a classic feeling for a newborn.
  17. Lisa: Lisa is the short form of the Hebrew name Elizabeth, which means ‘Gᴏᴅ ɪs ᴍʏ ᴏᴀᴛʜ’.
  18. Vera: Vera stems from the Lᴀᴛɪɴ word for ‘true’. So your girl will be bound to tell you the truth.
  19. Ruby: Ruby is one of the most familiar gemstone inspired baby names, and one of the sultriest as well.
  1. Suzy: Suzy or Suzie, this name sounds cute no matter what how you spell it. It means ‘graceful lily’.

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